Every animal raised goes through what is called training, and the purpose of that training is extraordinary and intelligent. Since the animal itself is not stubborn, strong and smart, all this is called practice. The most common animal sports are dogs, birds, dolphins and elephants. Like chickens, chickens need training. The chicken that is applied is a type of chicken, not an ordinary chicken. Chicken should be mixed with other chicken. Then, if the game is played without practice, it can be determined that the rooster will fail on the battlefield.

So what to do and train for chickens so they can play well and win the battle. Chickens need to do a lot of things or get training to become stronger and more resilient to the body and the ability to play. Cocker Spaniel training should include exercise and bathing techniques. Cork to be trained must be old enough. The obvious way is if he’s heavily involved, bring him close to the opponent. Then the chickens are old enough to be trained.

In the game, you have to be physically strong to withstand attacks from your opponents and stay in the ring. So what should we practice? The things to practice are the neck, the wings, the wings and the breath. How to train? For the neck you just need to turn your head from side to side for about 5 minutes. Do not be too long because it can make the chicken dizzy. After that, do the physical exercise that is very important for the chicken. The trick is to hold the left and right wings, and move back and forth in opposite directions.

Some of the Right Ways To Train Cockfighting To Be Tough

Then the next exercise is chicken wing training. Chicken wing training is very common among people who practice chicken. This sport is designed to make the chicken jump fast. The trick is to use two chickens, lock one in the coop and toss the chicken you want to train from one to the other. So the chickens will rely heavily on these wings. The next step is leg exercises. The purpose of this exercise is because the main weapon of the chicken is in the legs. Therefore, chicken legs must be strong. The training method is to place the cock on its shoulders and then press again on the cock.

The next training for chickens is breathing. Breathing is also important for chickens. This is because the chickens don’t tire easily and last longer during competition. If the chicken is not breathing properly, it will make the chicken weak and tired. This makes it easier for the opponent to attack him. How to train chicken breathing is to swim. That is, throw the chicken into the middle or distance of a river or lake. This allows the chicken to swim and control their breath well. This exercise should be done regularly. This is the maximum result obtained.

Some of the Right Ways To Train Cockfighting To Be Tough

The next training is psychological training for roosters. To become a champion in the ring, you must dare to beat your opponent. How to train chicken psychology is easy. That is, you can combine it with chickens that you are about to give up or try with your friends’ chickens. Once a week or once every two weeks. Don’t do this too often, as this will damage the chicken.

Then the next step is to wash the chicken. The purpose of bathing chickens is to protect them from the so-called disease. Because if the chicken is sick, it usually spreads to other chickens. Because chickenpox is contagious. How to take a chicken bath is not difficult. You just need to provide a sponge and a sink and then add half the water. Then add the chicken to the basin while holding it. After that, gently rinse the neck and head of the chicken with water. The next step is to rub the soles of the body and buttocks with a damp sponge with water.

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